Ofcom chief says social media companies should be independently regulated

The chief executive of Ofcom, Sharon White, has called for new regulated industry standards for content platforms. She makes a sensible case for classifying Facebook et al as publishers pure and simple, and it doesn’t appear from his recent comments that Mark Zuckerberg would offer much resistance to this definition.

13 July 2018

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Sofia Olhede explains how algorithms are as old as mathematics

Professor Olhede, our colleague and member of the Hemera advisory board, reminds us this week on BBC Radio 4’s Analysis programme, that algorithms have been with us for thousands of years - the difference between ancient and modern mathematics is of course the sheer volume of data available to us now.

10 June 2018

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SMEs have been poorly advised on GDPR implementation

Tomorrow marks the first day of the EU general data protection regulation or GDPR. Yet it is clear from the influx of consent request emails from all types of UK businesses, many SMEs have received so-called expert advice which is not only inaccurate but more seriously, likely to impact their business and future marketing costs.

24 May 2018

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Does Windrush change the rules on state-owned personal data?

The Windrush case reveals that even in an age of supposedly plentiful data, our government is unable apparently to differentiate between illegal migrants and British subjects, even when those people have been living in this country for many decades, certainly enough time you would think to amass a strong evidence trail.

5 May 2018

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