AIgorithms will decide this year’s public exam results

1 August 2020

With the news that the virus would kill off A levels and GCSEs in their usual format, should students welcome results based on additional data points, not just performance in public exams?

We think so and wonder whether this year’s evaluation of individual performance should be the start of a radical overhaul of a grading system that only narrowly describes a young person’s strength and capabilities.

AI is turning education on its head. The market for products which track a child’s development milestones in something other than school grades – persistence, self control, self-awareness, critical thinking – has grown rapidly and is now influencing mainstream educational settings not just the progressive early adopters of new tech.

Using neuroscience to increase the value of skill sets that haven’t before now been understood will surely change the dynamics of the job market. Employers will learn to value strengths other than impressive exam results. In fact good grades may not be nearly enough in a world of advancing technology.

We should view the virus as an opportunity. Our approach to measures of achievement needs to change – market disruption is coming and we should learn the lessons from this year and embrace them.