Enterprise fabric is current fashion story for machine data systems

1 March 2020

If your IT people are not talking to you about fabrics and weaves, they probably should be.

Most organisations suffer from information systems that arrived in a piecemeal fashion and were never designed to match seamlessly with other software or platforms. How often have you heard that one expensive piece of kit doesn’t work with another expensive piece of kit.

Edward Tufte, the leading statistician and professor of computer science at Yale, once noted that the clutter and confusion associated with information are not attributes of the data, they are always design shortcomings. Last year’s block prints don’t work with this years’s florals. Like fashion, where would the IT industry be if it was otherwise?

Your IT people need to start telling you what they can do with the data they have in its native format without expensive refits and modifications. Even quite elementary machine learning tools, which gather data from multiple IT layers through keyword searches, time records and other techniques, can produce information you can actually use – now.

Multiple, heterogeneous data stores cutting across all parts of your enterprise is the future. Ask your team how its analytics apps extend your current ROI not what they need additional investment for. After all, the most enduring fashionistas believe you don’t always need a brand new outfit just some cleverly chosen accessories.