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Data driven logistics is best medicine for the NHS

The chancellor’s announcement of new investment for the NHS in Monday’s budget was both expected and welcomed, but recent comments from Sir Mark Walport are at least as newsworthy. 

2 November 2018

Ofcom chief says social media companies should be independently regulated

The chief executive of Ofcom, Sharon White, has called for new regulated industry standards for content platforms. She makes a sensible case for classifying Facebook et al as publishers pure and simple, and it doesn’t appear from his recent comments that Mark Zuckerberg would offer much resistance to this definition.

13 July 2018

When you should defy the data, or at least look at it differently…

The new editor-in-chief of British Vogue, Edward Enninful, releases his debut issue today amidst much publicity that he is taking the iconic magazine in a very new direction - different looking women, different body shapes, and much more diversity both in respect of culture and socio-economic class.

10 November 2017

Rich data sets are best drivers of social change

Amidst the psychodrama of this week’s Conservative party conference, one announcement that received scant attention was the PM’s intention to launch a ‘data audit’ on racial disparity.

6 October 2017