Data audit

We help you understand your data assets so you can optimise value for your organisation, whether it be to reduce costs, improve your operations or develop new products and services. You may need to upskill your teams or recruit additional expertise. We would be pleased to advise on both your training and resourcing requirements.

Buying solutions

We provide a completely independent and objective view on procurement, including the best operating systems, storage, software and visualisation tools for your business. Organisations frequently opt for unnecessary and unsuitable solutions or upgrades. We can help you decide on the most appropriate and more importantly, the most cost effective buying solutions for your needs.

Governance and security

We have helped many organisations navigate the regulatory environment – governance, ethics, data security, privacy and anonymisation. With the transition from proprietary to more open source data, and a far greater velocity, volume and variety of data in the near future, all organisations – whether small or large, public or commercial – will need to be aware of the operational risks as well as the potential opportunities in a changing landscape.

Valuation services

We are leading experts in data valuation. Most companies do not fully appreciate the value of their data or have not thought more widely and strategically about their utility. We offer formal valuation in the case of sale, M&A activity or divestiture. We also offer advice on how to codify and prioritise your data – your proprietary assets may for example be more valuable when combined with open source data or when aggregated with other big data sets.

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