Talent audit

You may need to build the capability in your organisation if you are serious about becoming data-driven.  Our audits evaluate the current breadth and depth of your skill base and whether it matches your level of ambition.  Where are you now, and where do you want to be?  Which areas are the most important to develop?  We will help you identify the core skills you require and whether other expertise can be more efficiently outsourced.

Talent development

Based on your organisational needs, we assess your requirements from board level down and provide training for both your specialist and non-specialist staff.  We also offer training for individuals at our conferences and workshops and online participation in our webinars.  If you are a school, college or charity, ask about our free registration for these events.


We find our clients candidates with the right skills on a permanent, contract or interim basis.  We specialise in recruiting talent for all levels of your organisation – chief data officers, chief information officers, analysts, developers and project managers.  We are data scientists not recruitment consultants so we understand your requirements with much greater accuracy and will advise on how best to maximise your resources.

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